Car Remote Starter Installation

What's included with this remote

car starter installation service?

  • Installing of customer-supplied receiver/antenna

  • Connecting receiver to starter

  • Programming remote(s)

  • Testing and cleaning up


Why get a remote car starter


Ever woken up to a frigid winter day? Stepping outside and into a

comfy, heated car makes all the difference. Same is true when it's sweltering outside and your car could use some air circulation after baking in the sun. A remote car starter allow you to start your car's ignition from a distance so it can warm or cool appropriately before you get behind the wheel.



Why do I need a professional for remote car starter installation?

Incorrect installation of a remote car starter can damage your car's electrical system. A proper remote car starter installation requires automotive electronics expertise, access to your car's battery, removal of your dashboard and access to specialized tools.


Does this service include the remote car starter product?

No, remote car starter installation service is for installation only. You must supply the remote car starter device of your choosing as well as any wiring, remotes and other parts that come directly with your remote car starter.



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