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ams pods & bagger package

Looking to upgrade your Harley Davidson Bagger's audio system? Look no further than AMS Pods from Audio Motorsports. These custom speaker pods are designed to mount on the front crash bar of your Harley and provide a high-quality sound experience even at high speeds. Available in chrome or gloss black and built with a variety of speaker brands including Arc Audio, Hertz, JL Audio, and Phoenix Gold, these AMS Pods are both stylish and durable.

With AMS Pods, you'll be able to enjoy your music loud and clear, even when wearing a helmet at speeds up to 80 mph. And with their ability to withstand the rigors of the road, these speaker pods are built to last.

Starting at $650, the price for AMS Pods depends on the speaker brand you choose. Each project takes 2 weeks to complete. Contact us to place an order or learn more about AMS Pods for your Harley Davidson Bagger