Harley Davidson Handlebar Installation Service

A little about us and what we can do for you


We are a team comprised of highly skilled professionals that are incredibly passionate about motorcycles. This passion shows through in our commitment to provide the best possible experience to our clients and their Harleys. We have only one mission. It is to provide a top-notch level of service to our clients, uniquely catered to their specific needs.


We care about bikes. We care about our clients. Hence, we have incredibly high expectations for ourselves, and the products we use in all our upgrades. Understanding what our clients want, what they need, and how to fulfill their expectations with the best possible pricing, is the top priority of our shop.


How much experience do we have? We have worked with motorcycle upgrades since 1999. In the past two decades, we have encountered practically any problem you could ever experience with your Harley. We are confident that the amount of experience we have, will allow us to figure out the best possible solution for any challenge you may pose. We know what we are doing. Let us help you optimize the potential of your Harley.


We are devoted to providing the best excellence in the services that we offer. We want to provide cost-effective solutions to any issues our clients have with their bikes, while ensuring that only products of the highest quality are used. We are committed to fixing any problems you are having with your Harley, offering you with the best possible upgrades that will ensure these results will last. We are committed to increasing the performance of your bike.


The service we provide is no less short of perfection for the installation of Harley Davidson handlebars. We provide fast installation of handlebars, with a guarantee of excellence and lasting results through warranty. We use high quality handlebars to ensure performance lasts. We believe in maintaining the integrity of all bikes we service. All this is provided with the most affordable pricing.


The price for installing handlebars will depend on the model, make, and year of your Harley. But we guarantee that we will deliver the best level of service, use the highest quality of products, and keep you and your Harley’s best interests at heart.


For any inquiries, concerns or price estimates, please give us a call.


Do not hesitate to stop by for a visit. Let us see what we can do for you.  

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